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Advanced Ship Notices

This form is for registering for automatic e-mails of Advanced Ship Notices and Sales Order Confirmations. As an added value service to our customers, Powers can send e-mail sales order confirmations and Advanced Ship Notices. These e-mails are real time. A sales order confirmation is sent as as soon as we enter your purchase order. Advanced Ship Notices go out when we release your order to the freight carrier. E-mails include helpful information such as:

This form must be filled out separately for each branch you want to receive e-mails.

Any information received is strictly confidential and will not be copied, or sent to any other parties and will be used solely by Powers. Please read our Privacy Policy for further details.

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Company Information

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Order Information

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Provide your Shipped To Customer Number for faster processing. This number can be found on the upper right corner of your invoices beside SHIPPED TO. If you do not know your customer number, please contact customer service.

Please let us know who your FEBCO Sales Agent is. We'll send them a copy of your Order Confirmation and Advanced Ship Notices too.

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