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Inside ASSE

Comparing ASSE's point-of-use tempering standards including the 1016, 1069 and 1070.

TempTAP™ Presentation


Learn more about Powers' new thermostatic tempering faucet, TempTAP. This PowerPoint presentation walks you though this new technology and its features & benefits.

ASSE 10 Questions


Having difficulty getting your arms around the new ASSE tempering valve standards for bath, shower and hand washing applications? Want to better understand the scope and requirements of each standard? Not exactly sure how one standard differs from another? The 10Q series answers the most frequently asked questions on ASSE 1016, 1069 and 1070, providing insight into each standard's intent, application and performance requirements.

Pressure Drop Presentation

What is it, how is it calculated and why is it so important to proper valve selection?

Shower Safety Solutions


The Safety Solutions Guide provides a detailed overview of the hotel temperature study findings, examines the key reasons for excessive hot water in guest room baths, reviews the impact on guest satisfaction and return visits, analyzes the real costs associated with improper valve selection, and recommends water tempering product/system solutions that can minimize the risks of scalding and legionella bacteria.

(PDF 880kb)

New Scald Protection Design

PM Engineer Magazine
March 2006

Scalding is a traumatic event that always happens to someone else, on someone else’s project, or in someone else’s facility. This is much the way misfortunes of others are viewed on the 10 o’clock news. It can’t happen to us because the odds are in our favor, and besides, all safety precautions are taken, “anti-scald” valves are specified at the showers, master mixing valves are installed at the hot water source, with proper recirculation.

(PDF 1.15mb)

How Low Can You [Really] Go?

PM Engineer Magazine
October 2005

In the world of a plumbing systems design engineer, few tasks are as critical as properly selecting the thermostatic valve(s) that will temper water throughout a new facility. An engineer must consider many important factors when choosing large tempering valves or systems, commonly known as master mixers or Hi/Los.

(PDF 1.45mb)

Bathing safety for the elderly and disabled

Nursing Homes Magazine

It’s a catch-22 for bathing operations in a nursing home: The demands of safer technology and risks of Legionella liability have stirred a trend toward institutional acceptance of the need to store hot water at 140°F or more and maintain water at 124°F or more in hot-water lines— temperatures that will neutralize or kill all bacteria. Yet those same higher temperatures pose the need to protect elderly residents from scalding injuries. Both risks—infection and scalding—can be life threatening.

(PDF 943kb)

Scalding Water found in over 90% of Hotels

Contractor Magazine

A recent survey conducted at major hotel chains across the U.S. has revealed a vast majority of hotel sinks, bath and shower fixtures deliver water at scalding temperatures. For the past year, Bruce Fathers, Director of Marketing for Powers, and his sales managers, armed with Extech Instruments digital thermometers, have surveyed water temperatures in every hotel room in which they've stayed. Read the results.

(PDF 885kb)



The American Hospital Association estimates more than 112,000 individuals are admitted into hospital emergency rooms each year for scald related injuries. The Centers for Disease Control estimates between 10,000 and 15,000 persons are infected annually with Legionnaires disease while other sources estimate the number as high as 100,000. This Special Report investigates the issues surrounding safe water delivery, the cost implications for engineers and owners, and a proven solution to minimize risk.

(PDF 541kb)

CDC's Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in HealthCare Facilities.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention makes a strong recommendation in this excerpt from their 2003 safety guideline.......increase recirculated hot water temperature to minimize the growth of waterborne bacteria and install thermostatic mixing valves to prevent scalding.

(PDF 107kb)

Water Saftey For The Elderly And Infirm

PM Engineer Magazine

By the year 2050 the U.S. Census Bureau estimates the senior population will grow in excess of 80 million, more than double its current size. Seniors are more susceptible to the dangers of unsafe water due to diminishing mental and physical capacities. This article identifies the Catch 22 dilemma facing healthcare providers and reviews bathing valve technologies that are available to reduce risk and liability exposure.

(PDF 131kb)

ASSE 1016 Valve Matrix - Good, Better and Best


Many are unaware ASSE 1016 defines three distinctive valves types and performance criteria... pressure balancing (Type P), thermostatic (Type T) and combination (Type T/P). This quick reference matrix breaks down the differences in a glance with one surprise.... combination T/P valves are now affordable!

(PDF 131kb)